John Digweed – The Legend Is Back In Dubai

We can say a lot about John Digweed.
Well we could remind you of his biography, we could remind you how high he is in global DJ rankings, we could remind you of his most successful records…
We can impress you with a lot of facts that have happened throughout his career.

Why among so many DJ’s around the world is there only a small group of them that have this ‘special thing’, that touches your heart in a different way?
What do they have in common, how does it feel to be in their presence ?
What’s the feeling that you have when there is only He, You and the Music in one room.

Yet the essence of the music icons like John Digweed can’t be described just with words, You need to be there, to see it and to feel it.

The answer is very close to you….
It’s on 11th March 2016.


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