David Vendetta & Micah At Zone Club Pristine KOSOVO

The famous French DJ , David Vendetta and his violinist Micah rocked the grand opening of  Zone Club where there was over 1000 people showed up to experience their live performance in Pristine KOSOVO.

The event was dedicated and was only accessible to V.I.P guests such as popular musicians, politicians, including the chief of the capital, but also other names as Ledri, Skivi, Capital T and some of the famous models of Kosovo, as well as V.I.P guests from Skopje and Tirana.

As Sole Management we are proud to be apart of this exclusive night of Zone Club and in the near future we are looking forward to collaboration again with Zone Club.

For David Vendetta Booking, and Management please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

David Vendetta Manager – Management – Booking

Sole Management

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