303Lovers ShowCase

303Lovers ShowCase

Eleven years ago the Italian artists came together with a desire to create a label that would characterize
their collective fervor for the movement of electronic music.
Paying homage to the iconic Roland TB-303 synthesizer which was one of the core elements of the music

they each cherished, they had found their labels title and symbol.

Staying faithful to the original conception of the label, 303Lovers now plan to bridge their musical philosophy
Globally with their own 303Lovers gatherings from most exclusive venues, beautiful white sandy beaches, sun-set parties to dirty, dark, rumbling basements.

Part of the 303lovers family members are Federico Buratti, Matt Sassari, Dennis Cruz, Pleasurekraft, Fabio Florido, Sam Paganini, Raumakustik, Oscar L, Elio Riso, Betoko, Olivier Giacomotto, Seff, Ovidi Adlert, Reelow, Wally Lopez, Fabricio Pecanha, Shosho, Channel X, Kama, D-Formation, Pavel Petrov, Joe Red, Zoo Brazil, John Acquaviva , Umek, Paul darey, Piem, Third Son, DJ Dep, Piemont, Stiv Hey, Anis Hachemi, DJ Diass, Lexlay, Eddy M, Hugo and many more can be added to our showcases…
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Tour Packages Include
• 303Lovers DJ and or DJ’s
• Special 303lovers Tour Visuals
• 303lovers Branding / Banners
• GiveAway Package (Sunglasses, T-Shirts, Hats, Bandanas, Beachballs, Bags, Tattoos and more)
• 303Lovers Official Artwork
• Marketing Support
• Promotion Across the 303lovers Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Youtube 100.000+ Fans& Followers.
• Web Listing